Meto Company Has Passed the Alibaba Jin Pincheng Companies Certification

On June 11th, 2018, our company applied for the certification of Jin Pincheng companies from alibaba. The certification authority is by the third party certification authority, is that alibaba according to purchasing buyers habits launch a comprehensive promotion service, aims to real comprehensive show enterprise strength, and help enterprises to quickly win buyers’ trust, promote trade.

On that day, the certification body certified the key Information (including the enterprise abilities of production, trade, quality management, research and development and the main product certification and inspection video etc.) of our company. Make an authoritative evaluation, formed the capacity assessment report. And has won the unanimous praise of the certification body, and through the certification successfully.After the company’s own design, production, service and the other capabilities of the comprehensive inspection and certification, On the basic of have the national high-tech enterprise in the European Union CE certification, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, China light industry machinery association member units, we also obtained the qualification endorsement from the international authoritative certification authority and unique logo of exclusive Jin Pincheng companies, greatly improve the information quality of our company and the company’s own quality, at the same time, it also enable our company to more comprehensive display of our own personalized service and foreign trade advantages, in addition, the certification of the video can be fully displaying production equipment and process so that the buyers can see the quality and processes of our products as if they were on site. We believe that Meto Company will be the first choice for many customers at home and abroad.