2019 Masters Cup China National Beer Brewing Competition Finals

"The Brewing Master Cup"is a large competition dedicated to excavating, screening and displaying Chinese non-commercial beer brewers. In recent years, it has become the most influential and credible home brewing beer competition in China.

On September 21, the 6th China Fine Brewing Forum will be held in K11, Shenyang. Over the past ten years, veterans from all positions in China's fine brewing industry have gathered to discuss and speak on the topics of "the development trend of Chinese fine brewing market in 2019" and "the new business model of Chinese fine brewing".

On September 22, the Masters Cup lasted for more than half a year. Through Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Xi'an, Wuhan, 70 finalists were finally selected and gathered in Shenyang to win the final. Finally, Hebei brewing Association won the group championship and Jin Song from Hebei won the individual annual championship.

From 2015 to 2019, Meto was the sole sponsor of five consecutive Master's Cup beer facilities. Since its inception, Maituo has been committed to providing high cost-effective equipment for Chinese beer brewers, helping and supporting more and more beer brewers from home brewing to commercial brewing. So far, Meto has provided a complete set of brewing equipment for more than 600 domestic refined bars and breweries, which is the largest in China. One of the suppliers of refined beer equipment.

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