Rubber RSR



CapacityRSR 20LRSR 15LRSR 10L
Sealing RingsBlack RubberBlack RubberBlack Rubber
MaterialSUS 304SUS 304SUS 304
Overall Height (Unit: mm)568±3447±3343±2
Diameter of Chimes (Unit: mm)239±2239±2231.8
Volume (Unit: litre)20.4±0.1515.2±0.1510
Thickness of MaterialBody (Unit: mm)

Loading Quantity

(In Bulk)

20ft (Unit: pcs)102312581680
40ft (Unit: pcs)2455


1. Through anti-counterfeiting technology and patent protection, put an end to counterfeiting.

2. Strong pressure resistance to ensure CO2 content in liquor.

3. Ensure the filling quality under any conditions.

4. Stainless steel beer barrel vacuum oxygen free filling.

5. It can avoid the safety accident caused by beer bottle explosion and the waste of filling production

6. The beer keg can be recycled to protect the environment