2 Vessels Combined Brewhouse


2 Vessels Combined Brewhouse

Combination:Combi-tank( UP:lauter tun, Down: whirlpool tun)  &  kettle tun

Available Capacity:100L-1000L or Customized

Heating Type: electric 、steam or direct fire

Control System:manual or semi-automatic

Standard configuration:

Pipeline system/VFD Wort pump/Two stage heater exchanger/Yeast adding tank/Oxygenate system

/Cleaning device/Sparaging device/Spend grain door/whilpool tank side manway/sieve plate/glass sight

/whilpool tank glass sight /whilpool tangent tube/Steam condensate device/electric heater/work platfor

m/PT-100 temperature sensor/manual valve

Optional high-class configuration:

Glass manway/LED sight glass/Laser cutting sieve plate/Rake knife with the function to remove spend

grain/wort Grant/Hop back tank/Grist hydrator/Flex auger system