PLC Control System


PLC Control System

PLC  Control system: our engineers programmed according to with the technology to achieve different process purposes.

System features: touch screen interface management, discrete control, anti-interference, and reliability; unified, open architecture, the system easy to expand and operate.

A strong focus in every brewery should be quality. Once you have achieved a quality product, the aim then shifts to achieving this quality product consistently. Automation will increase your chances of producing a consistent high quality product.Automation is also very useful to address a lack of skilled local labor.

Automation can be a staged process. For example, you may consider automating the processes that have a direct effect on product quality first (e.g. brewing and beer filling) and leaving some processes as manual ones (e.g. packing into boxes). As the business grows, other areas of the brewery can be automated.

We can develop a staged automation program that fits your changing needs as your brewery evolves.