100L Beer Brewing Equipment


100L Micro Brewery Equipment

Brewery plants capable to do 1, 2 or 3 brews per day

The 100L micro brewery equipment is generally adopted by household use beer brewing or laboratory use equipment,but also a good choice for restaurant,barbecue and other small business;

The apperance of the Mash tun & fermenter tank can be made into red copper kinds,paractical and a kind of decoration;

Complete brewery-systems for microbreweries & pub breweries with production from 14T-30T of craft beer per year.

100L Micro Brewery Equipment Components

Grain Milling UnitRoller Mill
BrewhouseNecessary equipment
1.Mash /Lauter tun 
2.Boiling tun/Whirlpool tun
3. Plate heat exchanger 
4.Wort pump

Other accessories are available:

1. Ornamental Pipe;

2. Mashing Pipeline;

3. Operating Plateform;

4. Yeast Feeder;

5. Venturi Tube;

6. Butterfly Valve DN40;

7. Butterfly Valve DN32;

8. Soft Pipe;

9. Dregs Rake;

10. Sugar Measuring Cylinder;

11. Saccharimeter;

Fermentation Fermentation Tank
Bright beer tank

Other accessories are available:

1. L-Pipe;

2. Butterfly Valve;

3. Pressure Gage;
4. Solenoid Valve;

4. Vacuum Valve;

5. Cooling Pipe;

7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;

Glycol Chilling Unit1. Ice Water Tank

2. Refrigeration Machine
3. Centrifugal Pump
4. Evaporator

5. Ice Water Pump
6. Relative Pipes and Valves

CIP Unit1. Washing Tank
2. Sterilization Tank
3. Pump and Valve
Control Box1.Mashing control panel
2.Fermenting control pane
3.Refrigerating Control Panel

Advantage of 100L Micro Brewery Equipment

1. Highly competitive price, more than 10 years production and manufacturing experience

2. ISO9001, CE (2014/68 / EU) PED certification

3. Strictly quality control, meet the European quality standard

4. Accept customized, professional engineers will provide design solutions for you

5. Easy to operate: Include all the tanks to brew.

6. Compact: floor space around 8-15 sq.m.

7. Can brew all kinds of beer, such as Lager,Pale ale,black beer,IPA and Stout beer etc.

8.Wonderful Technology: Fermentation-Double jacket conical fermenter with dimple-plate cooling jacket, perfect welding.

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