Plate Filter


Plate Filter 

Beer filtration through a plate filter is the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of most beer live yeast . It is used in a microbrewery of a small and medium size, for which the cost is a primary decision parameter.

Plate filters for beer are made from stainless steel and plastic, therefore resist to a certain extent aggressive substances. They consist of two end steel plates ,one of which is slidable on guide pins , controlled by the pressure screw or hydraulic element. Among them there are filtering stainless steel or polypropylene frames with filter cellulose pads (plates ) of the set size and number according to the required purity , flow and overall capacity of the filtered liquid .

During passage of beer through the insert the contained impurities are captured and they decrease gradually flow rate of the inserts at a constant clean filtrate.

Plate filter is mobile on castors and wheelsand is equipped with a control pressure gauges, air-outlet valve and flow taps, chrome brass or stainless steel. The filter allows continuous filtering, i.e., that it can perform dual filtering with different purity grade using two types of inserts in one pass through the filter body . It is a convenient way especially in terms of lower workload of handling liquid and easier to work.