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The beer lovers in Beijing are initially exposed to the craft, and the name “NBeer” must be inseparable. Founded in 2013, “NBeer” is one of the earliest craft beer brands created by China. It is characterized by specialization and diversity, and the self-produced fine fresh beer is “Chinese brewing”, and there are also various imported beer bottles in the store.

Many people who like crafts after tried the different taste with traditional type. They think that craft beer is too special, and then they like it, so give them a chance to try. At the time of the creation of “NBeer”, the craftsmanship was still in its infancy in China. At that time, most of the fine brewries in Beijing were foreigners, and there were not many audiences, but there were few stores.

The founder Yinhai said: "At that time, we will promote the culture of brewing on many websites. It is not to push our own brand, but to push the concept and culture of the whole brewing to everyone." This is another major feature of the craft beer: It is culturally, and not based on our own brand, but promotes the culture. Yinhai has pushed a lot of articles about the crafts that he wrote, and there are media interviews, and he is also happy to cooperate. He also founded the Beijing Brewing Beer Association and wrote a book on the craftsmanship NBeer and "World Beer Clusters". The two have always stressed that the best beer, whether it is internal or external, can come from China!

“NBeer” has two stores in Beijing, each with 40 beer taps and two or three hundred imported beer types. Different from Chinese food, the pursuit of focus and streamlining, the craft beer pursues a great degree of richness. Whether it is brewed fresh beer or imported bottle beer, “NBeer” is striving to present more kinds of products with richer tastes to customers. .

The store guarantees more than 20 kinds of self-brewed beer in the form of beer in the year-round. The beer list is updated with the seasons. “Special” is the biggest common point of these beers.

Some craft beer enthusiasts write:

I have been to Xalapa Mexican and NBeer pub three times over the last few weeks (they are next to each other) and it makes a great night. Start off with some excellent mexican food, then make your way next door for a few beers. I have even seen people order Mexican and eat it in NBeer (although NBeer do serve food).

Anyway, as the Beijinger article on NBeer suggests, this place as a huge number of bottle beers available. You can get the more common bottles found around Beijing and also some rarer ones. Such as, An Irish beer by "O'Hara's" which I'm told isn't event hat common in Ireland. They have a bunch of Belgian beers, deadguy, brooklyn, sam smiths, etc etc.

I don't really go there for the bottled beer though. They have about 20 different beers available on tap. So far, I would say the Tispy face stuff is the best. I have had a couple of Master Gao's (the baby IPA is worth a try) as well and they are worth trying. I tried a few of NBeers own brews but have yet to find one worth buying or buying again.

I like the staff here. The manageress/owner lady isr eally nice and speaks goos English. The rest of the staff seem to know more about beer than your average Chinese bar staff and help Chinese customers pick out beers they mighht like. Most of the clientele in here are Chinese.

The location is really convenient, about 5-10 minutes from Ping An Li subway station. You can also walk to houhai in about 15 minutes...

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