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No. 18 pub, a pub that specializes in craft beer in Wuhan city, its extremely attractive beer, cool and trendy image, vividly explains what is the spirit of Hankou.

The old-fashioned Hankou, the modernist of the hustle and bustle. The history of Laohankou is long, and the No. 18 pub is like a new force. It has opened up a new pure land with the unruly spirit of contemporary young people.The industrial retro style is the iconic character of the 18th pub.

"Craft Beer" is not only a technology, but also an attitude. Beer is the characteristic of the NO.18th pub, and the best crystal of the "craft beer" spirit. The boss has selected nearly 300 beers from around the world, as well as domestic first-line beermasters. The 8 handmade beers created by hand, no matter what kind of taste preference, you can find a favorite beer here. For those who like the taste of the mellow, recommend the rich Indian Ale beer. The beer is delicious with food. At this time, you are not drink alcohol, but you have to raise your stomach. The pub in the 18th is also responsible for satisfying the guests' pursuit of food.

Golden full of coke and tender, with a glass of wheat beer, enjoy life is actually very simple. No. 18 pub is place where friends are all over the world.

People came to the NO.18th Brewery, not only to seek a glass of beer, but also to yearn for a pure self. A group of people in the 18th pub is always using their own way to prove the insistence of "finishing", which is really cool.

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