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When talked about The Roller Coaster Brewery, it's famous for both the craft beer cycle and the homebrew cycle. It's a Shenyang city's craft beer brand, but not just a bar, but a brewery that supplies goods or technology to many breweries or restaurants. Many well know brewery pubs learnt technology from the roller coaster.

Featured/Recommended beer: There are more than a dozen heads in the store. If you want to drink the freshest or seasonal beer, you need to pay more attention to the blackboard in the store. When you come to the Roller Coaster, you must not miss the drink of Aqiu, a region with distinctive characteristics. The style is Apple Xida. The apples used are three kinds of apples in Liaoning. The bitterness is 0. The alcohol level is also the lowest in the roller coaster. Girls can also enjoy a drink. Dark beer lovers can try the black Jack in the store, the style is British Porter, the body is thin and refreshing and easy to drink. Friends who like ipa like me can choose 180 miles, the fruit flavor brought by hops is very obvious, with the unique bitterness of ipa, no ipa no skill!

Meals/environment: not only the regional characteristics of the beer, but also the taste of the Northeast, such as peanut edamame, mutton skewers and large waist. Although it belongs to the nature of the brewery, the environment is not sloppy. The long bar, the vats of the brewmasters and other equipment are also in sight, and the atmosphere is very good.

Summary: By chatting with some bar owners, it is known that the roller coaster owner's brewery technology can be properly ranked in China, and friends who love beer can not miss the place.

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