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Stone Head starts from the idea of distraction before bed. We can not stand it. Get out of the job to do what we believe. During the past work. We did not do anything other than try to make beer to be legal. And make beer better every time. We moved the kitchen from our homeland. To do what should not be prohibited. We move to a land where we are unfamiliar. Air, food, language, culture are all problems with living. But it was all worth it and made us happy.
Stone Head Thai Craft Beer was founded by a new generation for a single purpose. Thai people have been drinking a lot of quality beer and a lot of good Thai ingredients like never before. The price is equal or cheaper than imported beer.

Stone Head Thai Craft Beer has a brewery in Koh Kong. Cambodia It is a medium brewery with the same raw materials and standards as Kraft Beer Worldwide. And try to mix new Thai ingredients into beer all the time.

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