Complete Line of Large Scale, 2000L - 20000L per batch breweries

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Commercial brewery component:

  • Grain Handling: System:  This system includes equipment for handling and processing malted barley, such as grain silos, conveyors, mills, and grist cases.

  • Brewhouse:  Meto commercial  custom brewhouse equipment is available in sizes ranging from 2000l up to the largest commercial vessels. We will customize the equipment to your exact specifications, ensuring the best possible results. For optimal efficiency, we highly recommend positioning the custom malt handling system in close proximity to the brewhouse. This is where the malt is added to the brewhouse mash tuns, which can be configured with 3, 4, or 5 vessels depending on production volume. 

  • Fermentation Tanks: Commercial breweries have a bank of fermentation tanks where the wort is fermented with yeast to produce beer. These tanks are often made of stainless steel and can vary in size.

  • Bright Beer Tanks: After fermentation, the beer is transferred to bright beer tanks for conditioning, carbonation, and clarification before packaging.

  • Cooling and Heating Systems: Large breweries require sophisticated cooling and heating systems to control the temperature of the brewing process at different stages.

  • CIP (Clean-in-Place) Systems: These systems are used for automated cleaning and sanitizing of brewing equipment to maintain hygiene and quality standards.

  • Packaging Lines: Commercial breweries have packaging lines for filling bottles, cans, kegs, or other containers with finished beer. This includes labeling machines, packaging equipment, and quality control systems.

  • Yeast Propagation System: Commercial breweries often have dedicated systems for propagating and maintaining yeast cultures for fermentation.

  • Quality Control Lab: Large breweries may have an on-site lab equipped with analytical instruments for monitoring and ensuring the quality and consistency of their beer.

  • Automation and Control Systems: Many large breweries use advanced automation and control systems to monitor and regulate various aspects of the brewing process, such as temperature, pressure, flow rates, and ingredient additions.




2500L Commercial Brewery

1500KL - 4500KL / Year

5000L Commercial Brewery

3000KL - 10000KL/ Year

10000L Commercial Brewery

6000KL - 18000KL / Year

20000L Commercial Brewery

10000KL -30000KL / Year


Service & Support

  • Technical Service

    METO will provide full Beer Brewing Equipment service including the whole brewing flow chart diagram, tanks assembling drawing, the floor plan blueprint, the electrical diagram, brewery space layout design in 3D plant and CAD drawing and also turnkey brewery service.
    METO salesperson is very experienced and understands clearly about different country brewing methods.From different customer production requirements, brewing characteristics, budget, and space.

  • Product Manufacturing & Testing

    METO factory has well-equipped automated production equipment and mature skilled workers, ensuring timely delivery of every order.
    METO factory has a strict quality control system.Each order will have 5 inspection steps from materials checking, production process, jacket pressure testing, equipment packing, and loading, finished product leaking testing, etc.

  • Installation & Debugging

    METO provide installation and debugging service.
    METO technician will train the brewer to produce qualified craft beer.
    If the customer does not need our technician’s installation, we will also provide the installation diagrams, instructions to help them install by themselves.

  • After-Sales Support

    METO provides a 5-year warranty on tanks sold with manufacturing defects from the factory. METO provides a 1-year warranty on tank accessories;
    Sales & engineers could be keeping 24hours online for service;
    Any extra spare parts required, send and delivery immediately.

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