Meto Equipment To BeijingBrew Exhibit In Beijing, China,April 26-28, 2023

METO EQUIPMENT will showcase 1000L four vessel brewhouse and distillation equipment, colorful fermentation tanks products.The exhibition will be held in Beijing April 26-28, 2023.Our booth number is B11. Welcome all new and old customers to visit and negotiate.

Beijing Brew, short for Beijing International Craft Brewing Exhibition, is an annual event for the Chinese craft beer industry which was founded in Beijing, China in 2015. Based on years of accumulation and resource integration, BeijingBrew is committed to establishing an integrated information platform for the entire craft beer industry, including production, sales, transportation, packaging, and education so that a direct communication between China and other countries on equipment, raw material suppliers and brewers, producers and sellers, meals and drinks can be achieved. Since Beijing Brew inception, professional brewers, founders of craft beer brands, local craft beer associations, professional media, home brewers, international beer judges and certified sommeliers always gather here to share cutting-edge information and enjoy craft beer together.

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