500L Beer Brewery in Romania

This brewery was installed in Romania, which has worked for 3 years and keeps working well. This craft beer brewery configuration is as below:

1. 150kg/h Malt mill.

2. 500L 2 vessels brewery with steam heating. Steam heating makes tank easy to clean and it won’t burn wort.

3. 800L HLT. Steam heating. It stops heating automatically when reach target temperature. It also stops filling water automatically when tank is full.

4. 4*500L fv and 2*1000Lfv. Fermenter has carbonation, which makes fermenter can be used as storage tank (BBT).

5. 1500L glycol water tank.

6. 5HP chiller. It is China Top Brand.

7. 50L CIP cart.

8. PID type controller.

9. Electric Steam boiler. It is China Top Brand.

10. Bottle filling and capping machine. Latest design also equips rinsing function on this machine.

11. Labeling machine with date printer.

12. Air compressor.


1. As to brewhouse, we recommend flow meter between HLT and brewhouse, so that you can control the water volume to fill in mash tun.

2. We also recommend graing removing device for lauter tun, it can remove grain automatically when reverse backward, make the beer brewing job much easier.

3. We also recommend balance tank(grant), which can help protect false bottom and increase filtering efficiency.

4. As to controller, we recommend PLC type for steam heating, so that you can set temperature and working time for each mashing step, then mashing process will be finished automatically.

5. As to fermenter, we recommend isotonic hops adding tank on fermenter top. So that it can avoid any pressure leakage and prevent oxygen in when adding dry hops in fermenter.


We will introduce detailed function of each part of this brewery next. Please keep following.

Ask us if any questions by email metobrew@sdmeto.com or whatsapp 008613335190926.





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