1000L Brewery Ready For Ship

1000L Brewery Ready For Ship


This is 1000L beer brewery for Turkey client. It is ready and will be shipped on June 2nd, 2022. Craft beer market is booming all over the world, please check brief introduction as below if you like:

Part one: Complete beer brewery list:

1. Malt mill;

2. 2 vessels 1000L beer brewhouse;

3. Hot water tank;

4. Beer fermentation tank;

5. Beer bright tank;

6. Glycol water tank;

7. Chiller;

8. CIP cart;

9. PID controller

10. Natural gas steam boiler;

11. Keg washer and filler;


Part two: Highlight introduction:

1. Malt mill shell is made of stainless steel;

2. Hot water tank has ball float valve which stops filling water automatically when tank is full.

3. Fermentation tank has carbonation stone, which helps you carbonated beer when necessary.

4. Fermentation tank has isotonic dry hops adding tank, which prevents pressure relief and oxygen injection when add dry hops during beer fermentation.

5. This brewery requires totally 10HP chiller. We offer 2 pieces of 5HP chiller. You can only turn on 1 chiller when only cool down fermenter, which helps extend chiller service life. And in case one chiller has something wrong, you still have one chiller to keep brewery running. Beer in fermenter won’t be wasted.

6. We also offer bottle filler and cans filler besides keg filler.


Currently, we have installed more than 300 breweries all over the world. Feel free to contact us by email metobrew@sdmeto.com or whatsApp 008613335190926. You may find our brewery in your city.

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