500L Microbrewery Equipment Installed in Australia

1. 300/h malt : mill can crush a batch of malt within half an hour.

2. 500L Brewhouse system: 3 vessels, Mash/Lauter tun, Brew kettle/whirlpool Tank and 1000L Hot water tank

Customized pneumatic lift function

IFM flow meter measures brewing water and spraying water volume,

Glass buffer tank: When filtering wort, balance pressure below and above on the false bottom, protect the false bottom, and observe the clarity of the wort.


2×250L fermentation tanks,5×500L fermentation tanks, 1×500L bright beer tank

The customized fermentation tank and the bright tank are double stacked, and the customized 72-degree cone angle of the fermentation tank is designed to match the height of the brewery, which not only saves space, but also increases the output.

Custom Mirror exterior shell to Brighten the Brewery.

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